PDFBlaster - Batch email and fax directly from accounting ClickFax - Send and receive faxes over the Internet ACTIONdocs - Secure, reliable, trackable email from accounting SitePipe - Seamless real-time eCommerce directly linked to your accounting system

Data Fabrication's extensive line of products and consulting services help businesses transact and communicate more effectively through integrated document delivery, simple and elegant content management, and real-time integration between all of the critical pieces of the business technology mix-- accounting, web and e-commerce, email and fax distribution, and more.


Our product line offers out-of-the box, integrated solutions focused on the essential areas of business operation and communication.

Document Delivery. Our PDFBlaster, ClickFax and ACTIONdocs products allow businesses to send and receive faxes and email over the Internet without the need for expensive and hassle-prone hardware. These solutions take Internet faxing to the next level, empowering employees to batch-send mission-critical documents like invoices, quotes, and marketing material with only a few clicks. With ACTIONdocs you know whether each email you send was delivered and/or read.

Web Delivery. Our SitePipe and PixelFabrication applications provide the same highly-customizable, integrated content management and web/e-commerce publishing as the larger, more expensive systems, without the expense and complication normally associated with a content management system. We do this by leveraging the existing architecture of technologies that businesses are already running, such as accounting systems and product databases.

Document Management. Our PDFArchiver application allows businesses to effectively manage the creation and capture of important business documents into a secure, searchable document repository.


Data Fabrication has over 20 combined years of industry-leading experience implementing customized ecommerce, transaction workflow and document management solutions that link to and leverage data stored in the host accounting system. Let us help analyze your needs and implement an affordable, reliable technology solution that will provide the competitive advantage today's challenging business environment requires. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

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